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Atlantic Schepen Exploitatiemaatschappij B.V., the transport division of Atlantic Aardolieproducten Maatschappij B.V., uses several bunker barges for the transportation of Gasoil /MDO/HFO and Lubricants to the main ports in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

To this end the company employs its own fleet of 16 bunker barges, varying in size from 350 to 8700 metric tons.

These bunker barges are largely used for the bunkering of seagoing vessels.

Atlantic sails only with top-quality craft, which, in terms of technology and safety, fully meet the most stringent environmental requirements as set by the various national governments.

State of the art double-hulled barges, type-C (chemical standard), with the possibility to heat products, high pumping capacity up to 1600 m3 a hour, real-time product monitoring, backup-systems and a 24/7 qualified crew. Not to mention; on time delivery.

Atlantic Schepen Exploitatie Maatschappij B.V.

Fuel barges: (All double hulled)


The Atlantic fleet exists out the following barges:

(8638 mt)

(5962 mt)

(5962 mt)

(5885 mt)

(5978 mt)

(5962 mt)

(4295 mt)


(450 mt)

(584 mt)

(1600 mt)

(1615 mt)

Lubricant barges:

Double hulled

Gasoil/MDO barges:

(1400 mt)

(596 mt)

(342 mt)

Atlantic Schepen Exploitatie Maatschappij B.V. started in 2006 a fleet renewal, more modern double-hulled bunkerbarges.

Atlantic invested in 8 ships (type-C), which vary in sizes from 1800 tons to 8700 tons to meet the needs and requirements of customers, terminals and changing laws. The last ones came into service in 2011.

In the 3th quarter 2013, the company added a new double-hulled lubricating-oil barge called “Atlantic Energy” with a tonnage of 1600 tons.

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