International shipping
is our business

Atlantic Horizon Group

Atlantic Horizon B.V. consists of several companies offering various services to the world of international and national shipping.

International shipping

An important activity of Atlantic Horizon is global shipping, a specialized area in which the company has a long-standing tradition.

Inland shipping

The transport department operates multiple barges to deliver fuels and lubricants at the main ports of the ARA-region.

Bunker supply & trading

Atlantic Aardolieproducten Maatschappij is a physical bunker supplier covering most Dutch ports and can also arrange the delivery of marine bunkers through their extensive network to your vessels worldwide.

Ship chandler

J&L van Ouwerkerk has a long-standing reputation as a supplier of all kinds of provisions, stores and equipment to seagoing vessels.

International Shipping

Ship Owners and Ship Brokers

Ship Chandlers

Oil Trading

Bunker Suppliers

Bunker Barge Transport

Inland Shipping

Storage and Distribution

We are at home in the world of shipping

Atlantic Horizon knows the world of international shipping inside out. Our companies are active in many different branches of the maritime industry with Rotterdam as their home base. Each company as a reputable specialist in their own discipline.

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Group of maritime companies

Atlantic Horizon is a powerful combination of companies which all have a well-earned reputation in the world of shipping.
Oost Atlantic Lijn

Oost Atlantic Lijn owns at the moment two  modern seagoing vessels. These general cargo vessels can transport cargo’s in bulk or in containers around the world.


Transport of containers, general cargo and bulk

Inland shipping

Transportation of oil products and fuels


Purchase and sale of petroleum products

Ship supplies

Sales and delivery of marine supplies


All necessities for inland shipping

Opslag goederen

Storage and distribution of lubricating oil and greases


Improving our expertise and fleet renewal is a constant focus of attention. This enables us to provide the best possible service to our customers.


Our best assets are our customers. Feedback from our customers is essential. We will always make use this to ensure constant improvement of our performance.


We are proud of the company we built and what it has become; a solid company that is able to handle all aspects of national and international shipping.


Located in Rotterdam, the world’s most leading port. We keep a close eye on the developments of our employees, our assets and our customer base.

'When it comes to shipping, Atlantic Horizon can handle it.'

Atlantic Horizon Group

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