Fuel supplies seagoing vessels and transportation of heavy oil

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Atlantic Schepen Exploitatie Maatschappij

Barges for bunkering and transport

Atlantic Schepen Exploitatie Maatschappij has its own versatile fleet consisting of ten bunker barges, varying in size from 1.400 to 8.700 tons. These bunker barges are used for bunkering seagoing vessels and transport between terminals. The larger vessels are often used for so-called black products and the vessels up to 1.600 tons are used for the transport and delivery of lubricating and gas oil.
We only use top quality vessels which comply with the most stringent environmental requirements in terms of technology and safety. Our vessels are certified with a Green Award.

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The company has its own modern and double-hulled fleet

We only use top quality ships that fully meet the most stringent environmental requirements in terms of technology and safety.

Improvement never stops

In order to continue to meet the requirements and customer satisfaction, we are committed to improving where necessary.

Double hulled vessels to protect the environment

High quality double hulled vessels, type C, with the possibility to heat cargo, a high pump capacity up to 1.600 cubic meters per hour, real time product monitoring, pump pressure protection, back-up systems and a qualified crew. And not to forget, delivery at the time that was agreed upon.

Atlantic Schepen Exploitatie Maatschappij has its own technical department and safety advisors whom can provide day and night support to the fleet if necessary. The crew on board the vessels is familiar with the established company protocols and is periodically trained.


The company has a QHSSE policy that both the crew and office staff are familiar with. We always look for areas that could be improved in close cooperation with our safety advisors. These opportunities for improvement are implemented in our quality manual after evaluation.
The quality manual creates a clear focus on our operational management, which is aimed at the safe transport of dangerous goods on European waterways.
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Technical department

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Human Resources

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