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J&L van Ouwerkerk

All supplies for on board of seagoing vessels

Our ship chandler, J&L van Ouwerkerk, has a longstanding reputation in the trade business as a supplier of all kinds of provisions, bonded stores and deck and engine stores that are required onboard of seagoing vessels. Three trucks are continuously delivering to vessels all throughout Europe.
J&L van Ouwerkerk delivers everything, from food deliveries to engine parts. From the smallest screw to complete marine engines. From customs goods to a wide range of foods, drinks, tobacco products and specialties for many different nationalities.

+31 10 231 44 00

Ship chandler with a longstanding reputation

For all your ship supplies. Your goods and wares will be delivered on board. J&L van Ouwerkerk delivers throughout Europe.
J&Lvan ouwerkerk scheepsleverancier
J&Lvan ouwerkerk scheepsleverancier
J&Lvan ouwerkerk scheepsleverancier

Always fresh from our own storage

We also provide deliveries to offshore installations by means of normal and reefer containers. A private storage facility of over 600 m2, including storage for refrigerated and frozen goods, is at our disposal. J&L van Ouwerkerk also owns a special storage dedicated to the storage of dangerous goods.

After hours and emergency number:

+31 10 231 44 83