Storage and distribution of gas oil, lubricating oil and greases

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Postoils en Posttrans

A combination of purchase and sale of oil and management of barges

Where Postoils focuses on the purchase and sale of oil products, Posttrans is committed to the planning of the vessels to ensure a timely delivery at the right location. Our home port is the Madroelhaven in Pernis, which is our own harbour as well. A unique and central location in the heart of the port of Rotterdam with an excellent accessibility for both vessels and trucks.
The port consists of jetties where vessels are able to moor and perform loading and unloading operations. The site is equipped with a fixed crane, forklifts and special pipelines. This way it is possible to load and unload lubricating oil in drums or as bulk.

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Delivery of fuels and lubricants

Posttrans, the transport division of Postoils, uses different types of bunker barges for the transport of gas oil, fuel oil and lubricants.
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Storage of lubricating oils

An extensive warehouse of 1000 m2 for the storage of lubricating oils in drums is at our disposal. The maximum storage capacity is 650 tons of lubricating oils in drums. The warehouse is fitted with a special floor to prevent surface contamination and the area is equipped with climate control to protect the products against external influences.

After hours and emergency number:

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